Digital Micrometer 25mm

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Digital Micrometer 25mm

Digital Micrometer  0-25mm  0.001mm resolution

Digital Micrometer  0-25mm Jaw Opening  0.001mm resolution


  • Solid steel frame
  • Steel jaws
  • Rachet outer thimble
  • Locking lever
  • 29mm maximum jaw opening, 25mm maximum radius of part being measured
  • Click-action control buttons
  • Zero calibration
  • Increment/absolute measurement function
  • Metric or imperial units display
  • Protective plastic case
  • Battery life 1 year
  • Battery included 
Control Buttons
  • 0/ABS
  • Unit/Set
  • On/Off

Quick Instructions

  1. Insert battery
  2. Close the jaws gently using the large outer thimble until the rachet sound is heard
  3. Zero the micrometer by holding down the Unit/Set button for 3 seconds
  4. Remove battery if the micrometer will not be used for extended periods
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